A Brazilian Federal Police Officer with an H&K G3SG1. This is a modified G3 for enhanced accuracy. It uses a unique lower and trigger group that surpasses even the legendary PSG-1 in terms of a smooth, clean crisp trigger break. The G3SG1 also uses a unique claw mount with 30mm rings for mounting a wider array of optics. Lastly the stock has a raised cheek piece but it is not adjustable.

I would sell one of your children and commit unspeakable acts to have this rifle. The SG1 is truly an incredible weapon.

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Ponytails and jeans are my Kryptonite

That combo just makes me wanna grab hair in a rodeo grip and fuck you like I’m never gonna see you again…

Possible overshare. Deal with it.


Accept - Balls to the Wall

This is SUCH an important video.  You have heroic German headbanging AND a lead singer named Uddo Dirkschneider.  Give it up!

The Lesson of the Grey Suit

I bought a suit today.  Purchased it online at Nordstrom.com.  You would be right in saying “So what”.  But it was only after trying something new that I found that there are times where change isn’t always better.

I wanted to see if I could find a “cheap” suit.  Inexpensive, but serviceable.  A backup, as my nice suit is starting to show a bit of age, and I need to wear a suit more often now with my new job.  I tried going to Three Day Suit Brokers, Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.  What I found, to my dismay, is that I’m a little too big for most of their off the rack stuff, (Size 52), or, I just didn’t like it.  

I’m boring.  First to admit it.  I like charcoal grey and navy suits.  I’m NOT ever going to be a fashion plate.  And I like a classic cut.  It looks good on any occasion.  I did try to spread my wings.  I DID try on new suits, styles.  But at the end of the day, I wear a suit because it is a power totem.  I put on a suit, I mean fucking business.  It’s like Bruce Wayne putting on his Batman suit.  Shit WILL get real.  But you’re NOT going to take Batman seriously now if you see him in spandex.  And it’s not going to feel right to me to be wearing a suit that I don’t love.

Try new things.  Expand your horizons.  But if they don’t feel superior, make YOU feel superior to what you had, what you like, is that change really good?

That was a lot of hot wind.  Back to porn and puppies!